“If all we’re doing is treating COVID like a Sand Hill pitch, then we will fail” — a noted Silicon Valley pitch artist.

While the country is opening up again, there is no doubt that if we don’t commit to massive contact tracing and COVID-19 antibody testing, the coronavirus will raise its head again now or in the next flu season with more deaths. We have tested, on a per capita basis, fewer citizens than 11 other countries, including Great Britain. And contact tracing is minimal in all the states that want to open immediately. Yet, according to all the experts in this thing called science and pandemics, it is necessary to stamp out more deaths now and when this pandemic revives itself in November.

What if Silicon Valley used its unique skills and resources to quickly organize a youth-based national program to help heal this and the future pandemics certain to come our way?

Fred Lopez, a Santa Clara, California resident and tech executive, says that this school semester has been “an unmitigated disaster” for his kids even though two are in private colleges, and one is at a high-end private middle school. “They view online learning as boring, in addition to missing all the social interactions that made school fun. It’s easy to slip away to do anything more interesting than virtual schooling.”

My friend, Pascal, a teacher at a low-income charter high school in San Francisco, feels that school has been a void this spring, “a lost semester”. He didn’t want to use his real name for fear the school would seek retribution. “It would make a big difference if the students were more motivated. Many of my low-income students don’t even have access to an available computer. And I can’t force my kids to turn on their cameras when I’m teaching them, so I don’t know whether I’m connecting with them at all. All I see are their names on the screen. It’s crickets out there.”

Let’s face it! We were not a video conferencing world. But will life and the business world ever be the same again in Silicon Valley and the world?


Virtual happy hours and barbecues are all the rage for adults. People are connecting with distant friends so they…

This past Spring, I took an advanced course at Stanford entitled
“AI and Machine Learning: Research and Applications”. Many course topics piqued my interest, but this one that was fundamental to the rapidly changing marketplace. It also was a fascinating way to explain the key technologies of applied AI.


Businesses are going digital to leverage business advantage from faster time to market, automation efficiencies and execution speed. The race is on to achieve digital connectedness of their entire value chains.

At the same time, cybercriminals see the increasing digitization as a window of opportunity. Cybercrime syndicates are actively targeting…

Christopher Nordlinger

Ph.D. Fulbright Scholar. AI/ML, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics & EdTech Content Marketing Mgr./Storyteller/Continuous Learner. Startups, Cisco, U.S. State Dept.

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