AI’s Role in Cybersecurity: Friend and Foe?

Be real!

There’s hardly a cyberattack you haven’t faced.

It’s exhausting, but you have a great track record.

But face it. It’s more than an uphill fight!

Success is only limited most of the time. The pace is brutal. And getting more brutal every quarter.

More than 70% of global organizations have difficulty identifying, let alone protecting, corporate high-value assets according to the Accenture Security Index. At the same time, the financial impact of…

Wolf Nordlinger, AI Storyteller (Chris)

Ph.D. Fulbright Scholar:AI Storyteller, Publ'ed WashPost, Fortune,etc. State Dep't(Burkina Faso),Eurospace (reside in Paris),Cisco.Splunk.Palo Alto Networks.